MD8 Airport Portable Air Sampler

MD8 Airport portable air sampler for sampling of aerobic microorganisms and viruses, as well as background monitoring and impact measurements in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food and beverage industry, hospitals, environmental protection and occupational safety.

A fundamental aspect of clean rooms and critical zones is the achievement of the lowest concentrations of particles in the air. The measurement for this purpose must be accurate and reliable and must not interfere with the prescribed protection. Air samplers MD8, MD8 Airscan and portable AirPort MD8 are designed to detect the smallest viruses and microorganisms in the air using unique gelatin membrane filters (GMF) and BACTair ™ agar plates. Air sampling in critical areas can be performed isokinetically with MD8 Airscan.


MD8 air sampler for sampling of aerobic microorganisms and viruses as well as background monitoring and impact measurements. Choose between the method of causing air by membrane filtration or the "impaction" method. These air samplers provide reliable and accurate measurements and are suitable for sterile spaces Class A and B, insulators or blow-fill-seal machines. The application of AirPort MD8 air samplers is indeed numerous and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food industry, hospitals, environmental protection, occupational safety, etc. AirPort MD8 can also be used with BACTair media.