The PC-based software Batch-PMS enables the operation, monitoring and control of batch-oriented and recipe-based production processes.

Product features

The integrated control system makes it easy to automate weighing and process batch applications.

The software Batch-PMS can be easily integrated into existing network and system infrastructures of various industries. It includes modules for process control, production management, recipe management, data management and many further options.

Your benefits:

  • Simple and modular operating concept including multi-user operation 
  • Easy integration into existing network and system infrastructures 
  • Outstanding connectivity 
  • High data safety including integrated backup functionality

Simple and complex batching processes

The modular software Batch-PMS performance spectrum covers both simple and complex batching processes with all the basic functions of current process control technology and multi-user operation

Seamless integration

Batch-PMS guarantees a seamless integration into your network and system infrastructures. The integrated process visualization allows quick status overviews and easy operation.

Flexible connection

The Batch-PMS structure allows flexible connection to external systems, both in the area of process control (PLC) and to higher-level ERP and database systems.

Integrated backup

Due to its integrated backup functionality the software ensures the safety of your data.