Robot for Fully Automated Determination of Mass

From 1 mg to 1 kg

  • Robot systems with the latest weighing technology guarantee highest accuracy for the determination of mass. The fully automated mass comparison simplifies work in the mass laboratory. This enables complete sets of weights to be measured efficiently within the shortest time possible .
  • The robot systems are supplied with a user-friendly control software. An additional PC workplace is thus not needed. The CCR robot systems are equipped as standard with YCM20MC climate modules, which means that all climate parameters relevant for a mass comparison are available.

High-Throughput Allows Weekend Processing and Releases Resources

Thanks to the modular design of the robot system, the device can be adapted to customer requirements accordingly. The range of functions can also be extended at any time: The application range covers weights from 1 mg up to 10 g (CCR10) or 10 g up to 1 kg (CCR1000) and from 1 mg up to 1 kg in the maximum level of expansion (CCR10-1000). The number of magazine positions is specified by the customer: Up to 164 magazine positions can be provided for the range of 1 mg to 1 kg. Because you can already position your weights on the rotating magazines for the next measurements while running your current measurement procedure, you no longer have to sit through protracted waiting periods to acclimatize your weights.

Technical Specification:

    • Typical users are: 
      National metrological institutes for presenting a mass Scale from 1 kg to 1 mg 

      Manufacturers of weights with maximum throughput of direct mass comparisons

      Calibration laboratories for increasing the throughput through mass comparisons even during night hours and on the weekends