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Digital DT 9510 Series Dissolution Tester

High volume dissolution testing with up to 14 test stations

The ERWEKA DT 9510 Series is the bigger sibling of the digital DT 950 Series dissolution tester.

Controlled by the same embedded PC, every component of the DT 9510 is focused on reliable, high volume digital dissolution testing: The test stations (up to 14) are driven by a single, powerful motor and the big waterbath holds the temperature stable due to the thermal inertia of water. This ensures that parallel testing of two batches of samples can be done at precisely the same conditions, making comparsion between the two as reliable as possible and 100% USP/EP compliant.

With the new optional AirLift system, the dissolution head of the DT 9510 can be simply raised and lowered by the press of two buttons. Furthermore, DT 9510 Series has the same features as it‘s smaller sibiling - digital dissolution testing is done with the help of the latest version of the testing assistant TestAssist and samples can be automatically dropped into the vessel by the optinal automatic tablet drop.