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ZT 730 Series

with cable-free AirBasket

The ERWEKA ZT 730 Series with cable-free AirBasket automatically determines the disintegration time of samples by using a unique system of magnets and sensors. The ZT 730 is available with one (ZT 731) or two (ZT 732) individually driven test stations and is equipped with an integrated flow-through heater.

Its newly designed, cable-free AirBasket makes disintegration testing with automatic determination of the disintegration time as easy and fast as possible. Its electronics compartment is sealed, making it dishwasher proof. It‘s sensors are also highly durable and enable the AirBasket to be used in acidic media. AirBasket is available as type A basket with 6 test tubes for standard tablets, or type B basket with 3 test tubes for bigger tablets (according to USP/EP standards).

The reliable waterbath technology utilizes the thermal inertia of water to create a steady temperature for testing according to USP/EP standards. Its temperature sensor PT 100 allows constant control of the waterbath temperature. The ZT 730 series is controlled through an intuitive 7" touch-screen and is capable of storing and retrieving up to 200 products/methods with results and parameters.