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The new TAR II

Intelligent, upgradable friability & abrasion testing.


The TAR II is the next step in intelligent, upgradeable friability & abrasion testing according to USP/EP/JP. Its unprecedented flexibility and intelligent features such as TestAssist and direct balance data transfer make TAR II the most advanced friability tester on the market.

The 7“ high resolution touch display with a modern user interface focuses the user on the most important task the new TAR II has to fullfill - 100% USP/EP compliant friability testing. With the automatic calculation features of the TestAssist, the user is guided step-by-step through the testing process as quickly as possible and with its advanced balance connection feature, data is directly transmitted and calculated.

In addition to its ease of use, the TAR II is the most flexible friability tester we ever built. TAR II can be configured with one or two test stations and the optional intelligent balance feature - and the best part - all can also be upgraded at a later time point! A stand for the 10° position required by USP/EP is also included.

TestAssist with automatic calculation

TestAssist, our testing assistant has been customized to make friabiliy and abrasion testing as easy and fast as never before. With its three testing modes - revolutions, time and USP test, TestAssist offers the user flexible testing options. In all three modes, TestAssist ensures that all parameters are set up correctly. In the USP testing mode, TestAssist automatically calculates the results - and even triggers the repetition of the test according to USP guidelines.

TestAssist saves time and ensures parameter validity in each test


TAR II can be configured with 1 or 2 test stations - but it can also be upgraded from 1 to 2 afterwards. The optional, intelligent balance feature can also be upgraded further down the line.

This makes TAR II the most flexible and future-proof friability & abrasion tester we ever built.

Direct balance connection

The new, optional direct balance connection offers seamless integration of supported balance into TestAssist. When setting up a test with TestAssist and a connected balance, TestAssist prompts the user to place the samples on the balance. It then recieves the balance data fully automatically, using it for its fully automated calculation.

This further speeds up the testing and eliminates another possible error source.