• Preventive Maintenance Service Contracts

    Prevent Unplanned Downtime With Proactive Maintenance

    We offer scheduled P.P.M visits with reporting, according to equipment manufacturers procedures, Our Service Team is equipped with high performance measurement and maintenance tools , to insure continuous precise performance of your equipment 
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  • Thermal Mapping For Pharmaceutical And Food Wearhouse's 

    Meet Local and International Regulations 

    Incorrect temperature and humidity measurement can cause expensive damage to your products, we offer high accuracy temperature and humidity mapping services, according to WHO and local Saudi Food and Drugs Administration  ( SFDA) guidelines .
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  • Qualification and Validation Services 

    Unqualified Device is Useless to Your Operation

    We offer comprehensive qualification services complying with international requirement and according to manufacturer recommendations, our proven qualification protocols includes : IQ ( Installation Qualification , OQ ( Operation Qualification ,) and PQ ( Performance Qualification ) 
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  • Expert Service For Hight Performance 

    Performance of Your Equipment is Vital To Your Sucess 

    Our comprehensive support solutions insure optimal performance of your equipment, to meet your specific requirements, maintain constancy of production , analysis , and    positive results .
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