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Explore the Semi-Micro Balances

Semi-micro balances are used for weighing small sample amounts down to the µg-range. To meet the requirements of your specific application, specially designed weighing pans, sample holders, and software applications are available to simplify your weighing processes and lab workflows. 

Semi-Micro Balance

Semi-micro balances come with a readability of 0.01 mg or 10 µg and a maximum weighing capacity of up to 220 g. Sometimes semi-micro balances are also called analytical balances, which have readability of 0.1 mg. Those balances are described in detail under Analytical Lab Balances.

Air Draft Protection 

To reduce environmental influences that impair the reliability of your weighing results, all micro balances are equipped with a manual draft shield, automatic draft shield, or touchless draft shield, included learning function and illumination, or with a stainless steel draft shield for filter weighing applications. 

Temperature Management 

To maximize the efficiency of your lab work, semi-micro balances are featured by a unique temperature management system or an electronic box separated from the weighing module to ensure stable climate conditions within the weighing chamber. 

Choose Your Weighing Balance based on your application :

Sartorius Semi-Micro balances accuracy are not compromised , Regardless of your choice of software options or user interface. we offer you high level precision, achieving MinWeight of 8.2 mg according to USP Chap. 41 Requirement. 

Cubis® II Semi-Micro Balance

Secura®  Semi-Micro Balance

Quintix® Semi-Micro Balance