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ERWEKA flow-through cell tester DFZ II

new improved cell design and innovative features

USP 4 Flow-Through Cell DFZ II

The new ERWEKA flow-through cell tester DFZ II can be used for various applications thanks to its wide range of available cell types, e.g. for testing poorly soluble products or low-dose formulations with sustained release.

Innovations as the new cell design with increased leak-tightness and the optimized tubing system with quick locks allow a fast preparation and implementation of dissolution tests. The new leaner cell bodies ensure an improved cell warming and can be heated individually. All USP 4 DFZ II systems can be easily controlled with the Disso.NET 3.X software via a controller.

Cell design

Accompanying our flow-through systems, we offer a variety of different cells with a new improved design for different purposes - from the standard tablet cell to granulate & powder cells to cells for implants, suppositories and stents.

The new standardized cell head fits all offered cell bodies and facilitates along with the new standardized flat seals (only 3 pieces per cell: connection, head and heating jacket) handling and assembly of the cells. The optimized cell bodies with decreased cell wall thickness guarantee an improved cell heating.