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MC.NET - networked hardness measurement

One database, many devices


he MC.NET software is our innovative solution for external control of the ERWEKA hardness and combination testers. The software controlls all from the compact TBH 325 and TBH 425 up to the fully automated EasyCheck and MultiCheck 5/5.1/6. With
the power of MC.NET, data from multiple devices can be stored inside a single, network MS SQL database and easily accessed by multiple installations of MC.NET in the same network. Thanks to its advanced Audit Trail features, the data integrity is ensured.

With the help of MC.NET, the user can easily qualify devices, create and use methods and analyze test results – all with full 21 CFR part 11 conformity and extensive Audit Trail.

All features within MC.NET are optimized on one thing: saving time while maintaining full documentation.

Full control for all our hardness testers

With network data shared across all MC.NET installations in the same network

Each MC.NET installation allows full device control with automated testing. In combination with a network database which shares all its data accross all MC.NET installations in the network, MC.NEt manages methods, reports and tracks all changes with a complete audit trail.

TBH to MultiCheck 6

Full control of the whole device

With MC.NET, users can fully control ERWEKAs physical hardness tester with an external computer.

The software supports all devices, from the manual TBH 325 to the semi-automatic TBH 425 up to the fully automated EasyCheck and MultiCheck 5/5.1/6.

With its user-friendly interface, new methods can be quickly created and tests can be started and later analyzed in no time. This makes MC.NET the perfect companion to our physical tester.

MC.NET Audit Trail with full data integrity

Tracking all changes

The audit trail inside MC.NET is conform to regulatory rules (e.g. 21 CFR Part 11) and tracks all activities of the software, logging change, user, time and (optional) reason (What, who, when, why). For quick completion of the audit trail dialog, reasons can be either predefined and then selected or entered freely.

With the Audit Trail Viewer, users can quickyly and conviently search and filter all changes to the system, never loosing overview of the system.