Smarteq Resources for Equipment

Mass Comparators | Instruments for the Determination of Mass

Manual and electronic mass comparators with automatic load alternator for determination of differences in mass and for calibration of mass standards and weights.

Robot Systems

Robot systems for mass comparison of reference weights and test weights. The fully automated mass comparator simplifies work in the mass laboratory.

Table Top Robotic Systems

The CCR-Compact Robotic Systems offer table-top sized automated solutions for mass determination and dissemination.

Manual Mass Comparators

Manual Cubis® MCM mass comparators combine metrological expertise and integrated OIML R 111-1 workflows

Volume and Density Determination

Sartorius offers PC-controlled, user-friendly complete solutions for determining the volume and density of E1 weights from 1 g to 1 kg.


Careful acquisition of weighing data and associated parameters is one of the most important criteria in mass metrology.


Susceptometer for testing the magnetic properties of weights for use with high-resolution balances and mass comparators.